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What is the function of Toyota oil filter?


What is the function of Toyota oil filter?

The oil filter element is the oil filter. Its function is to remove impurities such as dust, metal particles, carbon deposits and soot particles in the oil to protect the engine. During the working process of the engine, metal wear debris, dust, carbon deposits and colloidal deposits oxidized at high temperatures, water, etc. are continuously mixed into the lubricating oil. The role of the oil filter is to filter out these mechanical impurities and colloids to ensure the cleanliness of the lubricating oil and extend its service life. The oil filter should have strong filtering ability, small flow resistance and long service life.

How long does it take to change the car oil filter

The replacement of the automobile oil filter element is not based on time, but on the mileage traveled, and it can be replaced after about 5000 kilometers. Engine oil and oil filter should be replaced every 5,000 kilometers, while air filter and oil filter should be replaced every 10,000 kilometers.

What material is used in the car oil filter

The oil filter element is made of paper, and the filter element is specially treated paper, usually resin-treated microporous filter paper. The function of the oil filter is to filter out harmful impurities in the oil from the oil pan, and supply the clean oil to the crankshaft, connecting rod, camshaft, supercharger, piston ring and other moving pairs to lubricate, cool, cleaning action, thereby prolonging the life of these parts. According to the structure, the machine filter can be divided into replaceable type, rotary type and centrifugal type; according to the arrangement in the system, it can be divided into full flow type and split flow type. The filter materials used in machine filters include filter paper, felt, metal mesh, non-woven fabrics, etc.

Additional information: Precautions: 1. When choosing an oil filter, in addition to the vehicle model and annual fee, it is very important to look at the displacement of the vehicle. The specifications of the oil filter with different displacements are different.

2. When purchasing the oil filter label, the quality of the product can be more guaranteed, so as to avoid buying fake and shoddy products.

3. When purchasing oil filter elements, you can go to the local auto parts market. The products are relatively comprehensive, there are all kinds, and the quality can be guaranteed.

4. After purchasing the engine oil and oil filter element, you can find a more familiar repair shop to replace it, and just pay the other party some working hours, so you can rest assured.

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