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How to clean motorcycle oil filter element

1. The cleaning of motorcycle filter generally uses gasoline, so as to facilitate the effective decomposition of oil, and then squeeze the clean internal gasoline and dry it. 2, you can also use detergent cleaning, but do not use the cleaning method of rubbing or twisting, so as not to damage the internal organization of the filter cotton to make the air resistance smaller, so as to change the concentration of the engine mixing ratio. 3, installation on the surface of the filter cotton coated with a small amount of oil, can achieve the role of dust adsorption.
Does motorcycle oil filter element need to be replaced?
The oil filter element does not need to be replaced by 2113, but it needs to be cleaned when you change the oil 5261! The gasoline filter element is between the tank and the 4102 carburetor, and the small round 1653 above the tubing is! The air filter element needs to be replaced, like paper (replace or blow, recommend regular replacement,), sponge like recommended cleaning! Pure handmade yo, dear, questions can continue to ask me! I'm in the business! Wish you a happy life! Dear officers (above answer five years ago answer): I would like to add, with the passage of time: now the motorcycle structure has done very good! There are A lot of different types of motorcycles, but whether it's oil filters or gasoline filters, they all do what their name suggests which means they don't change much in general. Oil filter element :(most iron mesh type, cleaning can, paper type needs to be replaced)1. Most (straddle single cylinder ordinary car)125,150,175,200,250 engine bottom, oil pan position, open the oil screw (a big screw) can see funnel mesh filter! 2. A few special models are on the right side of the engine (note the paper filter element, such as :GN125,GX110, etc.). 3.100 displacement (such as: horizontal 125,110,100,90,70) and below the right side of the model, more rectangular mesh (non-professionals, you can not get this screen, belong to the built-in)4. Step plate (most ordinary 48,50,100,125,150 type) and then the bottom of the right side of the engine a large screw to open the oil, you can see the oil filter screen! B. Gasoline filter element: located in the middle of the connection between the fuel tank and the carburetor (or the electric injection device of high-end models),(mileage and refer to the maintenance manual) can be replaced! (Gasoline filter element, which is actually most of these things, activated carbon, magnets, filter paper)! C. Air filter element: paper type regular replacement, sponge type regular cleaning! It is to provide clean air to the engine (specific mileage and time refer to the maintenance manual) finally added: the above answer for most ordinary models, now, the development of domestic motorcycle vigorous, in full swing, style types of models, I can not all list out, please forgive me, multi-cylinder machine, row, big trade, heavy machine,(models valuable) please do not private automatic Hand, please find a professional master! I wish you a happy life! .
Motorcycle oil filter screen how to install
Motorcycle oil filter screen is located in the front of the engine on the right side of the engine, there is a circular cover, equipped with three screws fixed, remove the cover can find the oil filter, the installation of specific steps are as follows: 1, use 17# wrench to loosen the oil screw at the bottom of the engine. 2. Remove and lower the oil screws to release the oil. 3. Unscrew the three fixing screws of the oil filter. 4. Find the internal oil filter element. 5. Install the new oil filter element and screw on the lid. 6. Screw on the oil bottom screw. 7, add motorcycle oil to complete.
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