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Five auto parts to watch out for in your car


Five auto parts to watch out for in your car

brake pad auto parts

It is best to replace the brake pads, and don't wait until you have run 60,000 kilometers before replacing them. The car can be a means of transportation or a weapon that can hurt people. Especially the brake equipment, as long as there is a slight fault, remember to replace it, otherwise, at a critical moment, the brake failure is super dangerous and cannot be controlled at all.

Timing Belt Auto Parts

It needs to be inspected, and if there is a problem, it must be replaced. The timing belt is a consumable product, and once the timing belt is broken, the camshaft will not run according to the timing. At this time, it is very likely to cause the valve and the piston to collide and cause serious damage. Therefore, the timing belt must be in accordance with the original designation. Mileage or time replacement. You have to look at the manual given by your 4s shop to see if your car is a maintenance-free timing chain or a timing belt. The general timing belt requires 60,000 to 100,000 kilometers to be replaced. If the condition is okay, continue to use it for two years, and generally it must be replaced after 80,000 kilometers.

Three Filter Auto Parts

It is too late to replace fuel filters, oil filters, and air filters at 60,000 kilometers. The oil filter is replaced every 5,000 kilometers, the air filter is replaced every 10,000 kilometers, and the fuel filter is replaced every 20,000 kilometers or once a year. As the name suggests, the filter is to filter some harmful impurities, which is good for some parts of the car and our own body. For daily car maintenance, the replacement frequency of air filters, cabin filters and oil filters There are many, and the fuel filter is rarely replaced. If you have never replaced the fuel filter by then, it is necessary to replace it after 60,000 kilometers

tire auto parts

The consequences of a tire blowout are very serious, especially when driving at a high speed, the death rate of a tire blowout is as high as 74%! Therefore, do not lower the tire pressure at will, and pay attention to whether the tire pressure is too low at any time. Some cars can always see whether the tire pressure is within the normal range through the tire pressure monitoring device on the dashboard, but many cars do not have this device. If the tire pressure is too low, you can’t see it, and there are great safety hazards. It is best to install a tire pressure warning cap on the tire. The tire pressure warning cap can also monitor the tire pressure at all times. If the tire pressure is insufficient or too low, it will immediately display yellow or red to remind the owner in time. Inflate to avoid tire blowout accidents, normal tire pressure is green, these replacement cycles are very practical, old drivers know it!

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