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How to choose motorcycle tyres

How to choose motorcycle tyres

When choosing motorcycle tyres, the specifications must not be wrong. Even if the tyre width is narrower, it can be used if the specifications are correct. Wouldn't this cause unnecessary economic losses.

After confirming the correct specification, the width of the tyre should be considered. Xiaoxin believes that if the economy allows, try to buy a wider tire, because the contact surface between the wide tire and the ground is large, and the grip is better. It can transmit the driving force and braking force well, make the engine performance play well, and improve the driving stability, comfort and safety.

Finally, it depends on the tread pattern. The tread pattern is still an important indicator to determine the performance of the tyre. The shape of the tread pattern determines its water drainage and ability to discharge other sundries, and also affects its grip performance. Therefore, it is very important to choose a suitable tread pattern. There are dozens of tread patterns for motorcycle tyres of the same specification. Generally, the appropriate tread pattern should be selected according to the actual situation of motorcycle friends. If you often drive on mountainous or muddy roads, snowy roads, icy roads, etc., you should choose off-road tyres with wide tyre grooves and deep groove patterns, because the tyre grooves are deep and wide, and under the rotation of the wheels, Due to the effect of centrifugal force, it is convenient to drain water and other sundries, so that the tyres can better contact with the ground. If you often drive on the road, you should choose a tyre groove that is tighter, such as a ring shape, an arrow shape, etc. This kind of tyre has a large contact area with the ground when driving on the road, which can make driving safer than other tyres. Motorcycle friends with good conditions can choose high-grip tyres. Although this kind of motorcycle tire has a high wear rate, it is definitely a good high-performance tyre. It is very good in terms of drainage and adhesion, a safety tyre.
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